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Informational Websites:

I create and host affordable low cost websites for business owners that would like a website just for the purpose of providing their customers with detailed information about their business, not to be used used to advertise or promote. - If all you want is a website where you can direct your customers for detailed information about you and your products & services and you were quoted some outrageous price for the website and to keep it online, give me shout, I'm sure I will be able to save you plenty for the same services.


If you are looking for a company to promote and market your website for you, this I do not do, but luckily for you there are now zillions of web design companies that will be happy to do this for you.


What's the difference between a website used for informational purpose and a website that is used as an online promotional tool?


Website Design

I do not charge extra to build a responsive website. (A responsive website is designed to automatically adjust its content so it can be viewed on all device from a desktop computer to a mobile smart phone). I do not use a DYI program that does all the work for you, my websites are custom built from scratch.


Website Hosting

OCI Web Services is also a Web Hosting Service which means I am also able to host the websites I build. My hosting servers are fast and dependable and I can keep your site online (host it) for only $12.50 a month.



Informational vs Marketed Websites


Informational Websites

Not everyone wants a website for the purpose of advertising and promoting their business online, some business owners would just like a low cost way to provide information about their business online for the benefit of their customers. A link to a website on a business card or pamphlet can allow business owners to provide their customers with a wealth of information about the products & brands they offer, pictures of the products, info on warranties, a complete list of their services and so much more.


I've been told many times by small business owners that they get most of their business by word of mouth and referrals which keeps them plenty busy so they opt not to market or advertise online because the last thing they want to do is turn down business because turning down business is bad for business. For these types of business owners a website can be used to provide information while having a small online footprint, and/or, set up so the website is not included in search engine search results.


Marketed Websites

Most business websites are 'informational' websites because they are used to provide information about the products and services the business owner provides, plus many business owners also want to use their websites as an online advertising tool as well. In order to do this they pay a company to hopefully get their website and or business information to be shown front and center over a competitors website when people search online for the type of products and services they provide. Because the internet has changed so much over the years website design and online marketing services have become so expensive that many small business owners can not afford the high monthly cost associated with marketing services. - Back


OCI Web Services

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